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#whereistand: A day in Amsterdam

October 3, 2013
#whereIstand: A day in Amsterdam by Ivana Carpio

By Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetic

It’s hard to describe a typical day for me; it is typical for it to be untypical.  As long as I have an Internet connection, I can be ‘in office’.


The uneven, brick streets of Amsterdam make practical footwear a must

It was a perfect sunny day to run errands. The uneven, brick streets of Amsterdam make practical footwear a must. Usually loafers have a bit of a granny-feel to them, but I absolutely love how modern and high-tech these look with their thick matte rubber sole and panels of differently textured leathers, got quite a few compliments on them too.

After a morning meeting, the second stop was the fabrics store on Nieuwe Hoogstraat to pick up some black leather for an upcoming DIY project. After that I took a little detour through the Asian neighbourhood to explore the foreign supermarkets and found some delicious and beautifully packaged Japanese Mochi snacks. Then it was time for a quick visit to the library to do some research for an article I’m working on. I find the calm, studying atmosphere so inspiring.  And lastly, why answer your emails behind a desk indoors when you can go outside to enjoy the sun with some Wi-Fi?

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