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Useful creativity

September 27, 2012
Camper Triangle

Camper Together is our commitment to make each Camper store unique, with its own personality. This is the tale of a very special Camper Together store in the heart of Barcelona. Located at Triangle Shopping Centre (Calle Pelai 13-37), the store was designed by Curro Claret in collaboration with an organisation that works to help people who have been forced to live on the street and are at risk of social exclusion.

This special project was established to explore ways of giving disadvantaged people new opportunities to feel useful and creatively alive.

Virtually all of the elements used to design the store were recycled: pieces of wood collected on the street for making the table legs, old Camper signs for covering and repainting the walls and laces from discontinued shoe models for fashioning the curtain or the lampshades.

The sketch artist Miguel Fuster (who has lived on the street for 15 years) illustrated this project with drawings made on pieces of scrap wood, which have been preserved as a testament to the concept at the entrance of the shop.

Curro Claret explains “…our goal was to inspire us to embrace a different set of values. From the beginning, we knew that tthe space had to work and be visually appealing. But we also knew that it wasn’t just about asking people forced to live in the streets to work to make furnishings for the premises; we had to get them involved in the process, offer them the possibility of participating and making decisions on certain aspects of its design, and invite them to discuss and debate what a Camper store has the potential to be…”

Further information on Camper and the documentary video about the project at www.camper.es

On Arrels Fundació at www.curroclaret.com and www.arrelsfundacio.org

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