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The smell of design

August 10, 2012

The Camper workshop is a project of co-operation between new generations of young designers and Camper . Each year, participants are asked to submit a conceptual design project based on one or more themes.

The themes chosen for this year’s workshop were “smell of design” and “alter ego”. The first encouraged designers to explore something as basic as the human senses. Adriana Rodríguez, the project director, posed an interesting question: What is the smell of design? What is the smell of Camper?

The second theme revolved around the idea of stimulating the alter egos of participating designers by removing them from their familiar surroundings. This would allow them to come up with new ideas unhampered by creative foibles and uncontaminated by their normal work routine.

Selecting the workshop participants was a long and arduous process. Throughout the year Camper worked with different design schools, such as Hiko Mizuno in Japan, where mini-workshops were held in order to find the right people for this project. Only candidates with outstanding creative talent and teamwork skills made it through the stringent selection process.

The young designers invited to participate in this year’s Camper Workshop were Steven Tai (Canada), Sophia Guggenberger (Austria), Luc Aarts (Netherlands), Moe Okoshi (Japan), Anna Kobierowska (Poland), Tijn Van Orsouw (Netherlands), Eliska Kuchtová (Czech Republic), Eugenia Morpurgo (Italy) and Michel Giesbrecht (France). A novelty of this edition was the inclusion of new disciplines such as art direction, photography and video with the participation of Helge Jort (Norway), David Luraschi (France/USA) and Jan Czarlewski (France/Poland), and Danielle Bortotto (Italy), recruited to design the layout of the final exhibition.

The end result of the workshop was a project exhibited by participants that consisted in presenting two shoes: the first directly associated with the designer and his/her alter ego, and the second offering the designer’s personal interpretation of the “smell of design” concept in connection with the brand.


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