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The London Design Festival by Disegno

September 17, 2013
The Endless Stair installation by dRMM Architects

The London Design Festival is upon us and with that a host of exciting design events. To me, one of the key strengths of the festival is its independent spirit. It isn’t tied to one big trade show like the furniture fair in Milan is, but is an amalgamation of exhibitions, open studios and public installations. It’s a perfect time to go and explore London and its many creative ventures and the main thing to arm yourself with, before heading out there is the LDF Guide, which lists most of the events taking place during the week.

One of the key strengths of the festival is its independent spirit

Here are some of the events that are on my list of things to see for the week.  For sheer wow-factor I’m heading to Tate Modern on Monday to see the Endless Stair installation by dRMM Architects – it’s an opportunity to walk the Escher stairs in real life. And I will certainly be visiting the festival’s hub at the V&A where a series of interesting installations will be sure to entertain. My favourite-sounding one is God is in the Details, where a number of designers have been asked to pick an object from the V&A collection. Placed in front of each object is a specialist lens (made by Swarovski) that magnifies the fine details of the piece. Connecting with the rich history of design, is vital for taking in the newer things during the week.

However, my favourite haunt is east London, that’s where I work and live and this is where most of the younger generation of London designers have their studios. This is why Disegno has teamed up with Camper on the Camper Walks programme for the festival. Open to the public, these two walks will start in Disegno’s new studio on Kingsland Road. It has just had a beautiful redesign by the designer Felix de Pass with a floor by Dinesen and the space will be unveiled for the first time during LDF. From ours we’ll take a walk around east London, visiting designers in their studios, including Doshi Levien’s, eventually ending up in their new store for Camper in Spitalfields Market. I can’t wait!

Tickets for the Camper Walk are now available at Disegno boutique.

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