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The Lifelovers ABC as seen by Martin Parr

November 6, 2012
The Lifelovers ABC

By Álvaro Matías, La Fábrica Director.

Dinner for two on the English Channel. Chocolates and chips on the welcome menu in Bristol. Tomorrow, we’ll be greeted by Martin Parr, the great photographer starring in ABC#3. We worked with him over several months, selecting over twenty images that describe his particular way of observing the world. With his particular outlook, we’ve begun an editorial project that will engulf us in the passionate world of Lifelovers by Camper, brought to you by photographers, writers and international creatives.

ABC#3 is a declaration of intent. If there is a single photographer whose work exemplifies Lifelovers philosophy, it is Martin Parr. We knew that from the word go. Only Martin has the power to capture a little piece of reality and turn it into contemporary iconography. Unique, everyday, one-off, sensational, absurd moments. Originality, contrasts, a sense of humour, different moods… an endless number of adjectives that Cartier-Bresson summarized in the simple and descriptive “Parr World”. Pure authenticity.

ABC#3 dives into this “Parr World” to begin an emotional journey through his images, evoking concepts such as Authentic, Enjoy, Home, Leisure, Together or Voyage, etc. until the 26 letters of the Lifelovers ABC have been written.

And we’re not travelling alone. Fernando Savater, Barry Gifford, Isabel Coixet and Donna Leon are coming along for the ride. Meeting them left us with four delicious tales illustrating that we’d all live better if we used our imagination better and more often, that music is intrinsically linked to happiness, that it’s never too late to learn how to walk the path of life or that it’s enough to get away, to escape to the countryside with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

But it doesn’t end here. The authors of ABC#3 opened the doors of their homes and workplaces to us, to film a few touches of their genius by sharing aspects of their lives and work, tastes, concerns and the obsessions that give them universal authenticity.

A rich project, an emotional journey that’s only just beginning. Welcome.

We invite you to join our new ABC#3 where you can view this, and two other videos of Martin Parr.

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