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The Camper Lifelovers ABC as seen by Isabel Coixet

November 22, 2012
The Camper Lifelovers ABC as seen by Isabel Coixet

By Álvaro Matías, La Fábrica Director

Isabel Coixet arranges to meet us at the head office of her production company – Miss Wasabi – in the heart of Barcelona’s Gràcia district. Carla opens the door for us and tells us that Isabel will be with us in five minutes. We take a look around the space while we prepare the equipment. It’s an enchanting place, special, brimming with energy and creativity. It becomes impossible to focus on one single area. Each corner hides a story that we would like to know: a select pile of catalogues and magazines, a magnificent collection of DVDs, carefully ordered betacam films, eye-catching, playful objects, trophies, keepsakes and a marvellous panel on the desk in her office featuring a blog in the form of a collage composed of photographs, papers, post-its, cut-outs…

A few words quickly come to mind from the text that she wrote for us for ABC Lifelovers #3, “There are well organised people, thorough people, who on Friday, or even Thursday morning, book a table for Sunday (…) Others, we live a more random existence, waking up late with our head in the clouds…” Casting a look around it becomes impossible not to feel complicit in this delightful anarchy.

Isabel finally arrives. We show her the magazine for the first time. It is freshly printed. She leafs through it with curiosity and confesses that she loves Martin Parr. She tells us anecdotes about the places that appear in the photographs, of Martin’s books, of her shows, of her way of seeing the world, of the complicity she feels when she sees her images. She goes on to talk about the “strange” films that she’s seen lately, of the place where she would like to shoot a film, of her way of being, of her way of understanding life… we suddenly find ourselves at the top of a roller-coaster of experiences that makes our imagination fly at a thousand miles an hour. We are sat facing her, listening. The camera is rolling.

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