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The Camper Lifelovers ABC as seen by Fernando Savater

January 5, 2013
The Camper Lifelovers ABC as seen by Fernando Savater

Our journey reaches its end for this edition. The itinerary for the Lifelovers universe came to a perfect end with Fernando Savater, Ambassador par excellence for happiness; something that he defines as impossible but essential.

Fernando Savater (philosopher, professor, writer, all-round thinker) did not need any hints to understand how we envisaged his collaboration on the project: hardly two weeks had passed after agreeing to participate in ABC#3, when we received his piece Pleasure and rebellion of the imagination. A rush of vitality where Savater highlights the importance of this skill that is all too often forgotten when we make our list of New Year’s resolutions each year. Imagination, a useful insanity for dreaming up alternative lives beyond the repetition of what has already been experienced. Imagination, which allows us to live life in full colour, to envisage alternatives to the daily routine and to rise up against what seems inevitable.

The very same vibrant Savater that we sense through his words, opens the doors of his home to us in Madrid. In a living room full of books, he draws our attention to the collection of film-star figurines, made by his wife. He is just passing through, and with his mind already on holiday in Mallorca, where he will be travelling that very afternoon, we talk about optimism, ethics, education and his passion for horse racing.

We say goodbye to him and rush to the lift, keen to share our thoughts. The entire team agrees that we have just attended an advanced course in life. And that is something worth sharing. Enjoy.

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