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Pilgrim: Dana. Temple: Paris Bar, Berlin.

May 19, 2014
New Temples New Pilgrims: Dana

Berlin meets Paris

Blonde Haare und rote Lippen, blonde cheveux et rouge à lèvres, blonde hair and red lips. Berlin meets Paris in the person of Pilgrim Dana, a stylist from Stuttgart. She owns a fashion shop and, coincidentally, her Temple in Berlin is the renowned Paris Bar. This French bistro has been one of the favourite places in the city since it cheered up the postwar years in dismal bombed-out Berlin. At some point in its past, it became a haven for artists, which gave the place an aura of sophistication, a patina of refinement that can be sensed everywhere, from the hundreds of pictures on the walls and the prestigious works of art, to the decoration, the drinks and the food. If those walls could talk…

A contradiction? Apparently.

Speaking of sophistication, nothing describes Dana better than worldly. Her universe is made of words such as fashion, looks, fads, trends, vogues. However, she has chosen as her temple a place she calls anti-fashion and not trendy. A contradiction? Apparently, but if you thought she was predictable, think again. She is not exactly what she seems. There is more than meets the eye.

She walks along the streets with her hands in her pockets, her hair in a pony tail, dressed in black… You may feel tempted to say she is restrained. However, she couldn’t be more relaxed. How so? Her freedom comes from walking. Walking towards new horizons, as she did when she moved to Berlin seven years ago. As she does today, when she loves to go in a strange area, she says, and explore the city in new ways, off the beaten track. Pretty much like wearing sandals on a grey day. Conventional, you said? You’d better reconsider.


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