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Camper presents a new store in Madrid designed by Curro Claret

September 17, 2014

Located on Calle Preciados, it is the product of a project carried out by Curro Claret and in collaboration with the San Martín de Porres Foundation, which works to help people at risk of social exclusion.

Curro Claret has a unique way of creating functional and attractive spaces and often incorporates recovered materials. Claret also works with disadvantaged people, exploring ways of providing them with new opportunities to feel engaged in the creative process and to participate directly in the project itself.

To design the store on Calle Preciados, scrap wood was collected off the streets and along with old furniture from the store, the new furniture was created. Obsolete shoelaces knotted together created curtains and lighting. Replicas of historic Camper posters become works of art through oil paintings on the walls.

All of this was done by a group of people who worked together, engaging in and experiencing a unique design process.

This is the second store that Curro Claret has designed for Camper. The first opened in Barcelona in 2012, using the same planning process and a collaboration with the Arrels Foundation.

Camper Together Curro Claret: C/ Preciados, 23. Madrid

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