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HOTEL, a creative experimentation project

August 27, 2012

Back in January, the second edition of “Hotel” a unique film experimentation project was shot at Casa Camper hotel…this time in Berlin. Love, a Ghostbuster, a couple taken to the extreme, and dreams are all concepts and ideas that were covered in this new version.

The initial project started less than two years ago in Barcelona, when six directors, their crew and actors took over Casa Camper Barcelona to create an experiment devised by Camper, Boolab and Plexus. Each director was given the same brief: to shoot their own short film, with total creative freedom, with just two criteria; the plot of the film should be set at Casa Camper, and the actual shooting could not exceed 24 hours.

The result? A 50 minute medium-length film comprising of six short films. Both the public and the media embraced the project enthusiastically and it was widely reported on the Internet, print and in broadcast television.

So a year on and the experiment was to be repeated, but this time in Berlin. Four directors were invited to take up the gauntlet: Ian Foster, Thomas Sabel, Zoran Bihac and Klass Diersmann. All radically different creators that, without an excuse like this, they might never had crossed paths on location.

For anyone interested in a new audiovisual experience, it´s a creative and eye-catching insight into the world that happens behind closed doors. If you want to see a preview, please click here and check out the film trailer (the film is going to be released officially on August 28 in Berlin) and we will also update you on how you can watch the film in full.

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