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Dai Fujiwara Colour Hunting

June 24, 2013
Colour Hunting

Discover the rich world of colours created by “colour-hunting”

From June 21st, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, the Japanese design museum, is holding an exhibition entitled “COLOR-HUNTING” directed by Dai Fujiwara.

From the sea, sky, trees and stars, the colours in the natural world are infinite. However, many of the pigments that touch our lives, whether they are objects like architecture, clothing, or our imaginary world, are man-made tones predetermined by a colour chart.
Dai Fujiwara
, who designed Mori, the latest Camper bags collection, invented a new design method to capture the tones of the natural and urban environment.

Fujiwara went colour-hunting amongst wild lions and the Toki

Reproducing them on a piece of paper by mixing watercolours on the spot, Dai Fujiwara named this process colour-hunting. The result conveys the meaning and story of colour.

For this exhibition, Fujiwara went colour-hunting amongst wild lions and the Toki (Japanese Crested Ibis) of Sado Island. Using this as a base he reinterpreted our Camper Pelotas shoes, to not only exhibit the diversity of colours in this world, but also to enable the spectator to understand the unique meaning contained in every colour.

According to Dai, design that starts from colour is a journey into creativity. He also explains that the result are ideas with greater freedom and excitement – clearly evident in this inspiring exhibition.

If you are in Tokyo or you’ll visit the city in the following months pop by to discover the rich world of colours created by “colour-hunting” and the infinite possibilities of colour-originated design.

Photos by Nacasa & Partners Inc. (Koji Fujii)

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