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Color-Hunting Collection

March 18, 2014
Color-Hunting  Collection by Dai Fujiwara

Sea, sky, trees, stars… the colors in the natural world are infinite. However, many of the pigments that touch our lives, whether they are in real objects or in the digital world on the screen, are man-made tones predetermined by a color chart.

Dai Fujiwara, who designed Mori, the latest Camper bags collection, invented a new design method inspired by his personal research.

“To take color – collect color, photograph color, record color, and capture color… I call this Color-Hunting”, Dai Fujiwara explains.

Reproducing the colors on a piece of paper by mixing watercolors on the spot, he succeeded in conveying the meaning and story of color.

Dai Fujiwara developed his Color-Hunting method in 2008. In 2013, as the culmination of his work, he held the Color-Hunting Exhibition at the 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo, sponsored by Camper.

For this exhibition, Dai Fujiwara went Color-Hunting amongst wild lions and the toki (Japanese crested ibis) of Sado Island. Using this as a base, he reinterpreted the Camper Pelotas shoes, to not only exhibit the diversity of colors in this world, but also to enable the spectator to understand the unique meaning contained in every color.


Three different and very unique Pelotas shoes form this Color-Hunting Pelotas Collection. With these shoes one can discover the rich world of colors created by Dai Fujiwara´s Color-Hunting method, together with the infinite possibilities of design starting from color.


The Color-Hunting exhibition was held in 2013 at Tokyo´s 21_21 Design Sight. The 19 different projects that Dai Fujiwara presented at the exhibition, Pelotas being one of them, are the foundation of the book Color-Hunting. The book introduces the idea and notions behind Fujiwara´s work, explaining techniques used for the projects and stimulating the brain to rethink the way we see and perceive color.


The Color-Hunting Collection, formed by three Pelotas shoes and the exhibition book, is available exclusively at camper.com and at Camper Store in Montenapoleone (Milan), where a sample of the project is showcased from March 7 to May 13, 2014.






色からはじめるデザイン – Design starting from color.

The Exhibition “Color-Hunting” was organized and held by 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo.

This Lion Shoes Project was born in collaboration with Camper, Dai Fujiwara, Takashi Kiriyama and his team, and 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, for the Color-Hunting Exhibition.





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