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Casa Camper Barcelona is turning ten

July 17, 2015
33. Façade Hotel & Dos Palillos

We have renovated and expanded the hotel to include more rooms and suites, a spectacular roof terrace and the new Dos Billares club, once again designed by Fernando Amat and Jordi Tió.

Casa Camper was launched in 2005 with the intention of transmitting Camper’s spirit and values to the hotel industry. It aims to promote a more human, respectful, and simple way of interacting with our environment, focusing on a type of hotel that offers contemporary luxury with simplicity.

It is a different kind of place, both functional and attractive, with a hint of Mediterranean humour that invites you to relax, take things more slowly and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Following the same principles, it has been refurbished, expanded  (from 25 to 40 rooms) and has a new attraction: the Dos Billares club.

The roof terrace has doubled in size. There is now double the space and even more views over the city, with its wonderful contrast of architecture and the silhouette of Montjuïc mountain in the background.

The new Dos Billares club is a new addition to the offering and is also open to the public with direct access from the street.

“The name was chosen because there are two magnificent (American-style) pool tables inside, which used to be everywhere in Barcelona but are now disappearing, as well as a bar and plenty of comfortable armchairs. On the walls, I’ve hung a few sketches of my property created for Papitu magazine, several original pieces by the painter José María Prim for the design of a bar in the 1960s and some drawings featuring roosters by Miguel Serrano” explains Amat.

There are special tables and chairs designed for playing chess or dominoes as opposed to the normal bar type. The lighting is soft and dimmed. It’s a deliberately dark atmosphere.

The design is different compared to the hotel, but it still embodies Amat’s hallmark style of distinctive spaces characterised by aesthetic harmony.

C/ Elisabets 11, 08001. Barcelona, España.

Tel.: +34 933 426 280



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