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Camper workshop at Istanbul Design Biennial

November 27, 2012

Held for the first time, İstanbul Design Biennial is aiming to emphasise the role of design in real life: How it effects production, quality of life, the economy and cultural interaction. The theme of biennial is: Imperfection.

Camper has participated in the biennial as a Paralell Participant and held a workshop for young designers from all diciplines with the theme “A Little Better, Never Perfect”. With this workshop, 14 participants from very different backgrounds were asked to design conceptual models inspired by Camper’s values.

On the first day of the workshop, Camper’s Design Director Anuska Menendez Prieto and Director of Product Knowledge Eef Vicca gave the participants a presentation about the history and values of Camper, what is the essence of design for Camper and the motto: A Little Better, Never Perfect. How each time we get closer to perfection with our design but we can never reach it because design is limitless. It makes us want to do even better next time.

After the presentation, the participants were given time to work on their ideas and make sketches. Then, everybody picked their lasts and started working on their designs with mixed materials. They were given five hours to finish their conceptual projects, starting from stratch to final product.

On the second day of the workshop, every participant made a presentation to the jury, explaining the ideas behind their designs. After the presentation, the jury decided on the four winners: Zeynep Nural, Ecehan Özcan, İrem Tekoğul and Selen Sarıel.

The winners were given gift vouchers by Camper. Starting from the winning projects, all designs will be displayed at Beyoğlu Camper store until the end of the biennial.

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