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Camper Pelotas at Desigñ

February 22, 2012

Good news for all the design lovers and courios people in general! After a stint in 2010 at Shanghai Expo, the Desigñ – Spanish Accent in design exhibition, organized by the National Innovation Enterprise (ENISA), of Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry, and the Cervantes Institute and curated by Ramon Ubeda will be exhibited from 21 February until 28 April at the Cervantes Institute in Dublin.

The exhibition comprises 100 posters and a map of the Spanish creativity genius pool that includes people of all generations and creative disciplines such as graphic designers, illustrators, advertising designers and architects amongst others. Desigñ. Spanish accent in design is an up-to-date map of the main work produced by Spanish designers that work closely for leading firms and institutions such as Camper, El País, SEEI (the Spanish state organization responsible for organizing international exhibitions) and the shop Vinçon contemporary Spanish design products for the home) amongst others.

One of the items on display at “Desigñ” is the Camper Pelotas, the original Camper icon since 1995; recognised worldwide for its its iconic rubber outsole with “87 balls” design.

The exhibition travels within a small wooden box with everything needed to fit its installation in the different locations that the Instituto Cervantes has in various cities worldwide.

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