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Camper and ECAL present "Training"

March 31, 2014
Camper & ECAL present "Tranning"

On the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Camper presents its last audiovisual project, developed in collaboration with ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne).

“Training” is a short film by Jan Czarlewski, bachelor in Cinema from ECAL. The school students of the Master of Product Design contributed greatly to the project. Under the direction of Bethan Laura Wood, they built the set for the film, recreating a Camper store.

A documentary by Arthur Touchais, also a Bachelor in Cinema from ECAL, accompanies the short film. Such documentary shows the whole creation process, from the set to the graphic material, designed by Romain Collaud, Bachelor of Graphic Design from the same school.


The starting point of the project was to build a life-size Camper store in the Studio Cinéma at ECAL and to shoot a short film there. There was always a multidisciplinary approach to the project, integrating the best of the different fields of study at ECAL and emphasizing the audiovisual, an area in which the school stands out as the European reference.

The first phase consisted in building the mock-up store, a task undertook by the students of the Master of Product Design, under the guidance of British designer Bethan Laura Wood. From that emerged a distinctive decoration, a unique object of design in the shape of a big shoe box.

“What can you shoot at a Camper store? The answer to this question was inspired by the brand’s philosophy: humour and irony”, tells us Jan Czarlewski, the mind behind this some 10-minute film. On these assumptions, the film could only be a comedy, the story of the first day at work of an apprentice shop assistant -clumsy, nervous, insecure- who is being trained by the shop manager, in turn also stressed out by the situation.

The short film premier is on April 9 at 9 pm at Cinema Arlecchino in Milan, projections every 30 minutes from 9 pm to 12 am. The documentary is also on display.
Cinema Arlecchino. Via S. Pietro all’Orto 9 – 20121 Milano


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