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A day in the life of Stratos Kalafatis

June 18, 2013

“Life is much more important than photography”

Stratos Kalafatis took less than 48 hours to confirm he would take part, when Camper offered him the opportunity to illustrate the Lifelovers alphabet with photographs from various projects he has worked on over the last 10 years. The majority of the images were taken on the island of Skopelos, where he worked for 5 years with no specific objective other than to immortalise the people, places and events that gave shape to what he considers to be a diary of his life and family there.

From the first look at the pages of the ABC, it becomes clear that the light and the colour that Kalafatis works with give his photos a dream-like quality that perfectly encompasses the essence of Lifelover. Stratos knows how to enjoy life, and he uses his camera to understand and challenge his fears, and ultimately get closer to himself. “This is fundamental, because life is much more important than photography.”

To preserve the honesty and intimacy of his images, we decided that the meeting with Kalafatis should take place on a normal day of his life in Thessaloniki, taking the form of an interview conducted and filmed by his friend, the Greek cinema director, Apostolos Karakasis. Stratos took us on a bike ride to the market to do some shopping and cooked for us, and in this video he tells us how the surprising and accidental elements of life lead him to tell stories that are ultimately a reflection of his personality.


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